Tridekon Cropsavers have landed at DOM Parts

Cropsavers Stock

Freshly docked from North America, our 2020 spring shipment of Tridekon Cropsavers has landed at DOM Parts. This year’s Tridekon early order discount program has been well received.

The DOM Parts team is busy filling orders and forward order stock should be delivered within the next 5-7 business days at the very latest.

New orders will revert to standard dealer discount prices. Our next order is not due land in Australia until later in winter, so stock up now to avoid potential delays to supply.

We believe Tridekon Cropsavers are the best crop dividers on the market – designed to maximise crop yields by drastically reducing trampling by trailing and self-propelled sprayers.

Our team takes great pride in being the sole Australian distributor of Tridekon Cropsavers. The Tridekon team share our passion for delivering high-quality agricultural solutions to help farmers protect the investment that goes into the yields of their food, fibre and fodder crops.

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