Free Nozzle Testing Service

TeeJet Free Spray Nozzle Service

Keeping spray nozzles and componentry in tip-top shape is paramount to crop protection and field spraying. Use of underperforming spray tips greatly increases the need for multiple applications. Sub-standard spray nozzles can adversely impact productivity, yields and profits.

Did you know DOM Parts offers a free calibration testing service for farmers to check the performance of their spray nozzles and components?

Our team can test the velocity, capacity, droplet size and drift of your components to ensure your liquid fertilizer application is successful.

To access this nozzle testing service, simply bring in your spray tip components into our retail warehouse. Alternatively, phone our friendly team to book a consultation.

The extended drought is taking its toll on our local region’s farmers, businesses and economy. This free service is just one of the ways we’re helping local farmers to continue to produce our food and fibre.

When the rains finally come, our local primary producers will have peace of mind that their spray components are in peak condition for optimal performance in the field.

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