Banjo Bolted Flange Clamps: DOM Distribution’s Top Choice for Versatile and Durable Solutions

When it comes to manifold connection, Banjo really stands out with its reliable clamps and gaskets, offering flexible solutions for use just about anywhere. All of Banjo’s products are outstanding quality. But, it’s fair to say that when we’re talking, Banjo’s Bolted Flange Clamps have emerged as the preferred choice, especially in heavy-duty things like tank usage.

Flange Clamps – Good

Banjo’s flange clamps are a solid choice for everyday manifold connections. With options like the FC100, FC200, FC220, and FC300 series worm screw clamps, these clamps provide a sturdy and dependable solution with torque specifications ranging from 50 to 100 in/lbs.

T-Bolt Flange Clamps – Better

For superior performance when it comes to pumps, Banjo T-Bolt clamps step up the game. With options like FC220TB and FC300TB, these clamps offer a higher torque range of 125 in/lbs, ensuring a secure and efficient connection.

Bolted Flange Clamps – Best

When things become really heavy-duty, such as tank usage, Banjo’s Bolted Flange Clamps take the lead. The FC220B and FC300B series, with a torque specification of 150 in/lbs, are specifically designed for rigorous use. These clamps provide a robust and reliable solution, ensuring a secure connection even in challenging environments.

Gaskets for Every Need

Banjo doesn’t just stop at clamps; their range of gaskets caters to various size options and preferences. The M100G, M101G, M100GV, 150G, 150GV, 200G, 200GV, M201G, M221G, 300G, 300GV, and M301G series offer a diverse selection. Some gaskets even come with ribs, making connections faster and easier by keeping them in place.

Banjo’s commitment to providing high-quality components is evident in their manifold clamps and gaskets. Whether you need a reliable solution for everyday use or a heavy-duty application, Banjo Bolted Flange Clamps stand out as the smart choice for versatility and durability. See the full range at our parts warehouse 37 Winton St W, or shop at

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